Nonprofit & Legal Consulting Services

Nonprofit & Legal Consulting Services

Nonprofit Business & Legal Consulting Services
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Nonprofits must follow a number of procedures to obtain and maintain tax-exempt status under state and federal laws. At The Clay Group, LLC,  we provide legal consulting services as we understand the requirements placed upon nonprofit organizations.  We take care of the business/legal issues so you and your team can focus on the organizations vision.

The Clay Group, LLC is your partner to guide you through this process and journey to establish your tax-exempt status but once the status is granted, the work isn’t over.  Tax-exempt organizations must still keep up with the periodic reporting requirements and be aware of any changes in these requirements and adjust accordingly.  Our team provides ongoing advice and consulting services regarding the intricacies and ever changing of the tax-exempt world.

In addition to helping establish charitable organizations, Nicole V Bryan a trust lawyer assists clients to organize charitable bequests during the estate planning process. She uses her substantial knowledge and experience to structure gifts to maximize their benefit and minimize unnecessary tax liability.

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